K – 5th Classroom Snacks

All K-5 families are required to donate ‘class-sized’ serving (30 students) of snacks along with your school supplies.  Snack are important to fuel our growing learners during the school day.

We appreciate your support!


Snack Expectations
– Dry cereal or any food item that comes with the school breakfast bags
– A snack-sized serving of pretzels
– Fruit that are pre-sliced or naturally easy to eat (for example: apple wedges, grapes, raisins or dried fruit, etc.)
– Sliced Vegetables (for example: carrot sticks, celery sticks, zucchini sticks etc.)
– Granola/Breakfast bars
– Cheese Sticks or Cubed Cheese
– Nuts or Trail Mix
– Crackers
– Students are allowed to drink water during snack time.