We LOVE Our Sponsors!

It is through our fundraising program that we are able to support the school and provide excellent education opportunities to every child at Explore.  The Explore Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) fundraising efforts are centered on the idea of building our community.

As we envision the fundraising activities for the upcoming school year, we reflect not only on what we need physically or academically for our child(ren) but also on all the people who impact the hearts and minds of our school to make it great!

As parents, first and foremost, you are the heartbeat of the families at Explore, building character into your children and leading them through these significant years of development. Our teachers, faculty and staff devote time into the academic, social and emotional lives of our children every day at school and we are ever grateful for these amazing leaders. As local businesses, we appreciate your investment into our school and the efforts you pour into the education of these young lives. And to our friends of Explore Charter School, grandparents, extended family, alum, we consider you our supporters and an important part of the Explore PTO community. Your support of Explore families, students and our school is a treasure and a gift.  To our entire community, we thank you!

Fundraising PTO dollars directly impact the students and the education seen at Explore Charter School, that would not otherwise be possible without your commitment and generosity.

The commitment and generosity of the corporations, merchants, parents and friends is one of the reasons Explore Charter School is such a special environment for our families and we are grateful for your support. Our goal for this year’s fundraising efforts is to raise the maximum amount of money for the PTO, while keeping our expenses to a minimum.  We are offering various sponsorship opportunities to achieve this goal. We are excited to be able to forge everlasting relations with all of our sponsors.

All sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible. 

Thank you in advance for your support!


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