Upper School (6-8)

Welcome to Explore Upper School (Grades 6 – 8)

Anwar Abdul-Rahman
Principal (Grades 6-8)
Principal Office Hours:  Every Monday from 8:15 am – 9:00 am

Anthony Constantino
Academic Director (6-8)

Ruth Louis
Academic Coordinator (6-8)

Jessica Baer
Director of Operations (6-8)

Vanessa Henry
Program Manager (6-8)

Renee Stapleton
Operations Associate (6-8)

Lysaine Augustin
Upper School Dean

Victor James
Dean Associate


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NEED HELP WITH HOMEWORK?  Call our helpline below.  They speak many different languages!
Translation Service Over the Phone

Attached is some information for using an over the phone translation service.  Our school DNB is 84k704.  With this service, you basically call a number, let them know the language you are requesting, and it puts you through to a qualified translator.  Relevant information from the attachment:

The service, a phone line that enables school staff to access interpreters in 200 languages, will help ensure schools can equitably serve all families. Here is the information you can now use to access an interpreter for your parents, guardians, etc.:

  • Dial1-800-231-0288
  • Indicate the language you need
  • Dial in your school’s full 6-digit DBN (For example: 84K123, with K being replaced with “5” as the corresponding number on the key pad, would be 845123) Our school DNB is 84k704.

 This is a positive step in ensuring our families are getting the information they need, but also know that this service isn’t perfect so be patient with it and please let me know how your experience is so I can give feedback when necessary.

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