6th Grade

Our 6th Grade February Break Packet is Here!

Break Packet is due the first day back to school, TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2019!!

Reading and Writing Packet –>6th Grade February Break Pack_ReadingWriting

Math Packet(s):  We are posting 2 packets and your STUDENT  SHOULD KNOW if they need to complete the Yellow or White!!!

6th Grade February Break Packet_Math.Yellow
6th Grade February Break Packet_Math.White

If you have questions or need assistance with homework, Dial 1-800-231-0288

  • Indicate the language you need
  • Dial in your school’s full 6-digit DBN (For example: 84K123, with K being replaced with “5” as the corresponding number on the key pad, would be 845123) Our school DNB is 84k704.

They offer translation in Creole, French and Spanish, so that all of our parents can help their children with homework!

6th Grade Contacts (Teachers, Staff)

The following staff members support our 6th grade students:  Shipnia Bytyqi 6th Grade Writing / 6C Team Time sbytyqi@explorenetwork.org Karen Hicks 6th Grade Math / 6A Team Time khicks@explorenetwork.org Chelsea Padilla 6th Grade Reading / 6B Team Time cpadilla@explorenetwork.org Pamela Pinol 6th Grade/6A Team Time ppinol@explorenetwork.org Valencia Springer 6th Grade Science/Social Studies / 6C Team …

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